Luxury Houseboat


Embark on an exquisite journey through Kerala’s serene backwaters aboard our Luxury Houseboats, where tradition meets unparalleled luxury. These floating sanctuaries offer high-class facilities, traditional wooden ceilings with overlapping woods for a touch of heritage, and fully glass-covered exteriors for unobstructed views of the picturesque backwaters. Designed for discerning travelers, office retreats, or memorable gatherings with family and friends, our Luxury Houseboats provide a seamless blend of elegance, comfort, and modern amenities, setting the stage for an unforgettable voyage.

Key Features

  • Elegant Design: The traditional wooden ceilings and full-glass coverage combine to offer a sophisticated and immersive experience, connecting you with the tranquil beauty of the backwaters in comfort and style.

  • Panoramic Views: Expansive glass windows envelop three-fourths of the walls, ensuring every moment offers a clear and continuous view of the lush landscapes.

  • Unlimited Comfort: Enjoy the luxury of unlimited air conditioning throughout the boat, ensuring your journey is enveloped in comfort at any time of day.

  • Unmatched Quality: Guests can expect superlative maintenance and superior quality in every aspect, from the interior infrastructure to the comprehensive range of facilities.
  • Culinary Delights: With an unlimited menu choice, guests can indulge in an array of gourmet dishes, showcasing the best of local and international cuisine, tailored to individual tastes.

  • Versatile Spaces: Including a conference hall, our Luxury Houseboats are perfectly equipped for both leisure and corporate outings, offering versatile spaces for meetings, celebrations, or relaxation.

  • Extended Cruising: Delight in a minimum luxury cruise time of 5 hours, offering ample opportunity to explore, unwind, and immerse in the breathtaking backwater scenery.

Amenities and Services

  • Front Living Area: The spacious and elegantly appointed front living area offers panoramic views through its glass walls, providing a serene space to relax and socialize.

  • Luxury Bedrooms: Bedrooms are sanctuaries of peace, with plush bedding, traditional decor, and large windows for waking up to the tranquil views of the backwaters.

  • Gourmet Dining: Our luxury houseboats excel in culinary offerings, with an unlimited menu choice allowing guests to explore a vast array of flavors prepared by our skilled chefs.

  • Personalized Experiences: From tailored itineraries to exclusive onboard services, our dedicated crew is committed to crafting personalized experiences that exceed expectations.

Interior and Design

The Luxury Houseboats are adorned with a blend of traditional elegance and modern luxury. The interiors are marked by high-quality craftsmanship, with every detail carefully curated to enhance the sense of exclusivity and comfort.

  • Conference Hall: A fully-equipped conference hall makes our Luxury Houseboats ideal for corporate retreats, offering a unique setting for meetings and team-building activities.

  • Bespoke Decor: The traditional wooden ceilings and custom furniture add a layer of warmth and heritage, while the glass walls ensure a light-filled, airy ambiance throughout.

  • Deluxe Amenities: Each space within the houseboat is designed for luxury, from the opulent bedrooms and stylish living areas to the state-of-the-art bathrooms, ensuring every aspect of your stay is exceptional.

Why Choose a luxury Houseboat?

Opting for a Luxury Houseboat is choosing an experience where every detail is crafted for excellence. Ideal for those seeking an escape into nature without compromising on comfort or luxury, it offers the perfect setting for creating lasting memories, whether for a corporate event or a leisurely retreat with loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Luxury Houseboats stand out for their superior quality, unlimited amenities including A/C and menu choices, and exclusive services designed to provide a seamless and opulent experience.

Absolutely, our chefs are adept at tailoring the culinary offerings to meet your dietary needs and preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all guests.

Yes, we offer customized itineraries that can include a range of activities, from water sports to cultural tours, ensuring your cruise is as active or relaxed as you wish.

How to Book Luxury Houseboat?

For an unparalleled luxury experience on Kerala’s backwaters, choose our Luxury Houseboats. Visit our website or contact our reservations team to book your journey or to learn more about our bespoke services and offerings. Embark on a voyage where luxury, tradition, and the serene beauty of nature converge to create unforgettable moments.