Welcome to an unparalleled family adventure aboard our Kerala Houseboat Family Tour. Explore the majestic backwaters of Kerala in the comfort and luxury of our houseboats, designed to cater to the needs of small families. This tour promises not just a journey through the serene waters but an opportunity to bond, relax, and create lasting memories amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Kerala.

Why Choose Kerala for Your Family Tour?

Kerala’s backwaters are a world of tranquility and scenic beauty, making it an ideal destination for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The calm waters, coupled with the verdant surroundings, offer a soothing backdrop for relaxation and family bonding. Moreover, Kerala’s rich culture and warm hospitality add to the enriching experience, ensuring your family tour is filled with joy and exploration.

Our Houseboat Family Packages

Our family packages are priced between ₹10,000 to ₹15,000, offering an array of choices from Deluxe, Premium, to Luxury houseboats. Tailored to meet the needs of small families, these packages vary based on the houseboat type and the choice between a private or sharing houseboat. For families seeking privacy and a personalized experience, our private houseboats are the perfect choice, providing an exclusive and comfortable setting for your family’s adventure.

Exclusive Family Tour Inclusions

  • Meals on Board: Enjoy delicious meals prepared as per your requests, offering a taste of Kerala’s exquisite cuisine, catering to both adults and kids’ preferences.
  • Entertainment Options: Our houseboats are equipped with televisions and music systems, ensuring entertainment for the family whenever you choose to stay in.
  • Fishing Experience: With fishing rods available on the houseboat, indulge in the joy of fishing in the backwaters, a fun and relaxing activity for both adults and children.


Your family tour on our houseboat includes:

  • Scenic Cruises: Navigate through Kerala’s stunning backwaters, soaking in the picturesque landscapes and serene atmosphere.
  • Village Visits: Experience the local culture with visits to nearby villages, where you can interact with the locals and learn about their way of life.
  • Bird Watching: Keep an eye out for various bird species that inhabit the backwaters, turning it into an educational experience for the kids.
  • Cultural Performances: Depending on the route, enjoy traditional Kerala cultural performances, offering a glimpse into the state’s rich heritage.
  • Leisure Activities: Engage in leisure activities like reading, board games, or simply relaxing on the deck, watching the world go by.

Preparing for Your Houseboat Family Tour

To ensure a comfortable stay, we recommend packing light, casual clothing, sunscreen, hats, and any personal essentials. For entertainment, feel free to bring along board games, books, or any other items that your family enjoys.

How to Book Your Family Tour?

Booking your Kerala Houseboat Family Tour is straightforward. Request a call back or Whatapp us. Our team will then reach out to customize your tour based on your preferences and finalize the booking. Our customer support is always available to answer any questions and assist you in the booking process.