Deluxe Houseboat


Embrace the charm of Kerala’s backwaters aboard our Deluxe Houseboats, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern comfort. With its voguish wooden ceiling design and expansive bedroom windows, this houseboat offers a fresh perspective on luxury waterborne living. Each detail is thoughtfully curated to enhance your experience, ensuring a seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary convenience. Ideal for those seeking an immersive journey into the heart of Kerala’s natural beauty, our Deluxe Houseboats provide an unparalleled viewing experience, making every moment onboard memorable.

Key Features

  • Elegant Design: The Deluxe Houseboat features a unique wooden ceiling with overlapping designs, giving the interior a modern and stylish appearance.

  • Panoramic Views: Bedrooms are designed with large windows that stretch across three-fourths of the wall, offering a continuous and complete view of the backwaters.

  • Elevated Beds: Each bed is strategically built at window level, ensuring guests don’t miss any of Kerala’s breathtaking views during their cruise.

  • Cuisine: A selection of limited dishes is available, offering a taste of local flavors.
  • Quality Assurance: Guests can expect well-maintained accommodations and classic excellence throughout their stay, with superior quality in interior infrastructure.

  • Convenient Timing: Check-in is at 11:30 AM, and check-out at 9:00 AM, designed to maximize your experience on the water.

  • Air Conditioning: Controlled A/C usage from 9:30 PM to 6:00 AM for a comfortable night’s sleep, with additional daytime cooling available for an extra charge.

  • Cruise Duration: Enjoy a minimum of 4 hours cruising time, ensuring ample opportunity to explore the serene backwaters.

Amenities and Services

  • Front Living Area: A spacious and well-appointed living area at the front of the houseboat offers comfortable seating and panoramic views, making it the perfect spot for relaxation or socializing.

  • Bedrooms with a View: The houseboat features elegantly designed bedrooms, each offering an uninterrupted view of the backwaters through large, strategically placed windows.

  • Dining Experience: Guests can enjoy a curated selection of local cuisine, with limited dishes prepared to showcase the flavors of Kerala.

  • Personalized Service: Our dedicated crew is on hand to ensure your stay is comfortable, offering personalized service that caters to your every need.

Interior and Design

The Deluxe Houseboat is a testament to the seamless integration of traditional aesthetics and modern design principles. The interior is characterized by its wooden ceilings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the natural beauty outside.

  • Living Spaces: The front living area is designed for comfort and offers stunning views, making it an ideal place to unwind.

  • Bedroom Ambiance: The bedrooms are a highlight, with beds raised to window level, allowing guests to wake up to the mesmerizing sights of the backwaters.

  • Bathroom Facilities: Each bedroom is accompanied by a fully equipped bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy.

Why Choose a Deluxe Houseboat?

Choosing a Deluxe Houseboat means opting for an authentic experience that doesn’t compromise on comfort. It’s perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Kerala’s backwaters while enjoying the comforts of modern amenities and personalized service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While our menu offers a selection of limited dishes, we strive to accommodate dietary preferences and requests with advance notice.

Yes, additional cruising time can be arranged upon request and subject to availability, potentially incurring extra charges.

We recommend bringing personal essentials, sunscreen, insect repellent, and any specific medications. Comfortable clothing suitable for the climate will ensure a pleasant stay.

Air conditioning during daytime hours is available for an extra charge. Any additional services or requests may also incur fees, which our team can discuss with you in advance.

How to Book Deluxe Houseboat?

To reserve your journey on a Deluxe Houseboat and experience the unparalleled beauty of Kerala’s backwaters, please visit our website or contact our reservations team. Embark on a memorable adventure where tradition meets comfort, and every view is a vignette of Kerala’s enduring beauty.