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Kumarakom Houseboats Offer a Unique Kerala Experience

Kumarakom Within Kerala lies an exquisite destination waiting to be discovered: Kumarakom. While Kerala’s backwaters provide an endless source of stories and tales, houseboating in Kumarakom offers something special. While Alleppey, Bekal and Ashtamudi may offer similar experiences, Kumaracom provides something truly extraordinary by traversing Vembanad Lake while simultaneously exuding tranquillity.

Kumarakom Houseboat's Eye-Catching Architectural Deliberation

Kumarakom houseboats stand as an impressive display of architectural beauty, boasting distinctive designs that pay homage to Kerala heritage and history. While Alleppey offers more commercialized models while Ashtamudi boasts rustic charms; Kumarakom vessels stand out for their combination of traditional craftsmanship and luxuriousness.

Design and Construction: Crafted from Anjili wood, Kumarakom’s houseboats reflect their dedication to eco-friendly practices by upholding traditional Kettuvallams while adding modern amenities for comfort. Their craftsmanship is evident as their wooden hulls seamlessly merge with elegant living spaces for an immersive experience into Kerala’s architectural prowess.

Aesthetic Appeal: These houseboats boast exquisite wooden interiors adorned with ornately carved wooden interiors and brass accessories, offering guests a glimpse of yesteryears opulent lifestyles. Each detail adds character and aesthetic charm that welcomes visitors into a realm of unparalleled beauty and tranquility.

Historical Significance of Kumarakom Houseboats

Houseboats in Kumarakom have long been part of Kerala’s backwater ecosystem. Once used as grain barges to transport rice and spices from remote villages to markets, Kettuvallams eventually transformed into floating cottages that have come to symbolize adaptive reuse tourism practices in Kerala.

Timing Is Important When Planning Houseboat Excursions in Kumarakom

Timing is everything when planning houseboat excursions in Kumarakom; November to February marks the height of houseboat season with ideal conditions and clear skies ideal for exploring its backwaters. Additionally, this period gives nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike an ideal time for houseboat excursions!

Activities and Attractions Beyond Houseboating

While houseboats may be the main draw of Kumarakom, its village itself boasts many activities that will enrich your stay – from Kathakali performances to exploring verdant pathways of the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary; from canoeing and fishing along its backwaters for an in-depth experience to canoeing for a deeper connection with nature!


Kumarakom offers you an experience that goes far beyond simply traversing its tranquil backwaters – it offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in Kerala’s architectural beauty and rich cultural depth. Each houseboat serves as an immersive narrative, weaving tales of tradition, nature, and luxury into your journey.

As you discover this captivating village, you become part of its ongoing story, weaving nature with Kerala’s cultural legacy to create an immersive travel experience. Our houseboats promise more than a journey; they promise an adventure of tranquility, discovery and solitude all nestled into Kerala’s backwaters.

Kumarakom awaits your passage to paradise, offering breathtaking backwater experiences that won’t just take your breath away but transform you too. Discover its beauty, tradition and tranquil luxury before letting the backwaters whisper their stories as you glide along their tranquil shores.

Experience Kerala like never before – from tranquillity, adventure, and the spirit of Kerala itself with us! Your trip through Kumarakom’s tranquil backwaters awaits – book now to secure your passage and become part of its unforgettable legacy!

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