To ensure every guest’s dining preferences are catered to, we offer the option to customize your food menu at an extra price. Whether you have specific dietary requirements or simply wish to explore more local flavors, our chefs are ready to tailor your meals to your liking. Welcoming Refreshments: Guests are greeted with the choice of Fresh Juice or Tender Coconut, setting a refreshing tone for the culinary adventure ahead.

MealNon-Vegetarian OptionsVegetarian Options
BreakfastTea/Coffee with: Bread & Jam, Omelette, Idly/Sambar, Dosa/Sambar, Poori Masala, Appam & Egg Roast, Puttu & Kadala CurryTea/Coffee with: Bread & Jam, Idly/Sambar, Dosa/Sambar, Poori Masala, Appam & Vegetable Curry, Puttu & Kadala Curry
LunchRice, Sambar, Thoran, Mezhukupurathy, Bitter Gourd Fry, Fish Fry, Chicken Roast, Banana Kalan, Pappadam, Salad, Pickle, Tropical FruitRice & Chapathi, Sambar, Thoran, Mezhukupurathy, Banana Kalan, Pappadam, Paneer Masala, Salad, Pickle, Payasam, Tropical Fruit
EveningTea/Coffee with Banana FrittersTea/Coffee with Banana Fritters
DinnerChappati, Dal Curry, Chicken Fry, Fish Curry, Vendakka Mezhukupurathy, SaladChappati, Dal Curry, Aloo Matter, Gobi, Cabbage White Thoran, Vendakka Mezhukupurathy, Salad

Break fasts


Upp Maav

Nool Putt

Mornings start with a choice of Tea/Coffee and a variety of breakfast combinations catering to all tastes. Options include Bread, Jam, Butter, Omelette, Idly with Sambar, Dosa with Sambar, Upp Maav, Poori Masala, Appam with Vegetable Curry/Egg Roast, or Puttu/ Nool Puttu with Kadala Curry.


Mix Veg Thoran

Mezhukk Puratti


The lunch menu is a lavish spread of traditional Kerala dishes. Non-vegetarian guests can savor Rice with a variety of side dishes including Sambar, Mixed Vegetables Thoran, Mezhukupurathy, Avial, Bitter Gourd Fry, Fish Fry (Pearl Spot / Seer Fish), Chicken Roast, and Banana Kalan, complemented with Pappadam, Salad, Pickle, and a selection of Tropical Seasonal Fruits. Vegetarian guests are treated to a similar sumptuous array with Paneer Masala and Payasam-Vermicelli as delightful additions.

Evening Snacks

The evening brings a cozy time with Tea/Coffee accompanied by Banana Fritters, perfect for enjoying the serene backwater views.


Chicken Fry

Aloo gobi

Vendakka Mezhukupurathy

Dinner is a comforting affair with Chappati and a choice of Dal Curry, alongside other dishes. Non-vegetarians can indulge in Chicken Fry and Fish Curry, while vegetarians have delicious options like Aloo Matter, Gobi, and Cabbage White Thoran. Both menus feature Vendakka Mezhukupurathy and a Vegetable Salad.

This menu not only provides a taste of traditional Kerala cuisine but also ensures that guests enjoy a variety of flavors throughout their journey on the houseboat. Whether you’re craving the rich flavors of non-vegetarian dishes or the fresh, aromatic spices of vegetarian cuisine, this houseboat offers an unforgettable dining experience amidst the tranquil backwaters of Kerala. With the added flexibility of menu customization, your culinary journey can be as unique as your adventure through Kerala’s backwaters.