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India’s rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes offer a wealth of experiences for every traveler. If you’re a person with disabilities, you might be wondering if India is a welcoming destination for you. The answer is a resounding yes! Thanks to ongoing efforts and initiatives like Kerala’s Green Carpet Project, exploring India’s wonders is becoming more accessible than ever.

Kerala: Your Gateway to Accessible Adventures

Travelling Differently abled Woman
Featured photo: Sylvia Longmire

Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” has taken the lead in making its tourist destinations more inclusive. Imagine cruising along the serene backwaters in a wheelchair-accessible houseboat or exploring historic sites like Fort Kochi, which have been thoughtfully adapted for visitors with disabilities. The state’s commitment to inclusivity shines through its Barrier-Free Kerala Tourism Project, which has already made 100 tourist centers disabled-friendly. And that’s just the beginning!

Inclusively Accessible Delhi and Beyond

Delhi, India’s bustling capital, is also making significant strides in accessibility. Many metro stations are equipped with ramps, lifts, and tactile paving for easy navigation, and initiatives like “Sugamya Sahayak” are working to make public spaces universally accessible. Agra, home to the iconic Taj Mahal, offers ramps, Braille signage, accessible toilets, and dedicated parking at its major tourist attractions. Across India, the Archaeological Survey of India has made numerous forts, temples, and monuments more accessible, opening up a world of historical wonders for everyone to enjoy.

While government initiatives and organizations like Planet Abled, Swayam, and Aspark Holidays are working hard to improve accessibility, it’s important to be aware that progress takes time. Transportation to and from these destinations can still present challenges, and it’s essential to plan your trip carefully.

Houseboat Adventures: A Note on Accessibility

Kerala’s iconic houseboats offer a unique and tranquil way to experience the backwaters. While not all houseboats are wheelchair accessible yet, there are options available for those who inquire and plan. Some operators offer houseboats with ramps, wider doorways, and accessible bathrooms. Be sure to communicate your specific needs when booking to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Differently Abled Travel Tips

As a traveler with disabilities, you know your needs best. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and advocate for your needs when booking accommodations, transportation, and activities.

Below are some tips for differently abled humans to travel with ease:
Here’s how to ensure they’re wheelchair-friendly:

1. Mention your specific needs while booking.

2. Request a crew experienced in assisting differently-abled guests.

3. Ensure the availability of wheelchair assistance.

4. Keep essential medications and emergency contacts handy.

5. Consider getting medical insurance.

6. Understand your rights as a traveler with disabilities.

You can request for any special arrangements to be made and we at Kerala Houseboat would be happy to fulfill it for you. Remember, your adventure awaits!

My Thoughts:

It’s heartening to see India taking significant steps towards inclusivity in tourism. However, we need to acknowledge that making a destination truly accessible goes beyond infrastructure. It’s about fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered to explore. While there’s still work to be done, the progress made so far is a testament to India’s commitment to welcoming all travelers.

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