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Explore Kerala Through Chess: The 2024 Chess Houseboat Experience

The enchanting state of Kerala, known for its lush landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is once again gearing up to host a unique sporting event: the Chess Houseboat 2024. This tournament blends the cerebral intensity of chess with the serene beauty of Kerala’s most scenic locations, offering an experience that’s as culturally rich as it is competitive.

Credits: Chess Housboat.Org

Day-by-Day Itinerary

23 November: Arrival at Kochi Airport, followed by transportation to a houseboat in Vembanad Lake for a welcome dinner and overnight stay.

24 November: Participants enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the houseboat, engage in Rounds 1 and 2 of the rapid tournament, and end the day with a cultural performance.

25 November: After breakfast, participants check out and travel to Trivandrum via the Vande Bharat Express, arriving at the KTDC Samudra for dinner.

26-27 November: Days at Samudra include meals, chess rounds 3-6, an inauguration ceremony, and evening cultural performances.

28 November: Blitz tournament takes place followed by travel back to Cochin and an overnight stay at Bolgatty Palace.

29 November: Final rounds and prize distribution at Bolgatty Palace, with meals provided throughout the day.

30 November: Breakfast at Bolgatty Palace followed by departures.

The Venues and Their Charms

Vembanadu Lake

The tournament kicks off with the first two rounds of rapid chess played aboard a floating houseboat on Vembanadu Lake. As the largest lake in Kerala, Vembanadu offers a backdrop of tranquil waters and verdant shores. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in their matches while slowly drifting through the lake’s vast expanse, starting from the quaint town of Alappuzha. This picturesque setting not only enhances the gameplay but also relaxes the mind, making it a perfect blend of leisure and competition.

KTDC Samudra, Trivandrum

From the gentle ripples of Vembanadu Lake, the action moves to the vibrant city of Trivandrum. Participants will travel aboard the luxurious Vande Bharat trains, a testament to India’s progress in rail travel, covering 182 kilometers in just about 2.25 hours. The venue for the next six rounds is the KTDC Samudra, a luxury beach resort located at the pristine Kovalam Beach. Here, players can soak in the sun and the sea, providing a refreshing contrast to the concentrated atmosphere of chess tournaments.

The final leg of the tournament takes participants to the historic city of Cochin, where the blitz event and the prize distribution ceremony will unfold at the Bolgatty Palace. This heritage hotel, originally built by the Dutch in the 18th century, is a piece of living history and a symbol of opulence, offering guests a taste of royal living. The palace, with its blend of colonial architecture and modern amenities, serves as a fitting conclusion to a tournament that marries the old with the new.

Chess Houseboat 2023
Credits: Chess Housboat.Org

Houseboat Chess Tournament Tickets and Pricing

DescriptionPrice (Euros)Details
Standard Participant Fees1200Includes all accommodations, meals, transportation, and entry
Discount for Early Payment1050Available for participants who pay before June 1
Special Rate for Various Groups 1000Applies to previous participants, seniors (60+), juniors (<15), women, and accompanying persons

Tournament Format and Prize

This year’s Chess Houseboat introduces an exciting twist to the traditional format by including blitz games, with each game lasting 3 minutes plus a 2-second increment. This fast-paced addition is sure to challenge even the most skilled players and add an extra layer of excitement to the competition. With a total prize fund of 2300 Euros and a first prize of 500 Euros, the stakes are high and the competition fierce.

Rapid Tournament Prizes

PositionPrizeSpecial Categories
I500 euros + TrophyBest Woman: 150 euros + Trophy
II400 euros + TrophyBest Veteran (+60): 150 euros + Trophy
III300 euros + TrophyBest Veteran (+65): 150 euros + Trophy
IV200 euros + TrophyBest Unrated: 150 euros + Trophy
V150 euros + TrophyBest Indian: 150 euros + Trophy
VI -XTrophies + Prizes

Blitz Tournament Prizes

PositionPrizeSpecial Categories
I - VITrophies + PrizesBest Woman: Trophy + Prize
Best Veteran (+60): Trophy + Prize
Best Junior: Trophy + Prize

Cultural Interlude

Beyond chess, the event is a celebration of Kerala’s heritage. Each evening, participants will be treated to performances of traditional Keralite art forms, allowing them to immerse themselves in the local culture. This holistic approach ensures that the Chess Houseboat 2024 is not just a tournament, but a cultural festival that showcases the best of Kerala.


The Chess Houseboat 2024 is more than just a chess tournament; it’s a cultural odyssey that offers a slice of Kerala’s heritage, beauty, and hospitality. For enthusiasts of chess and culture alike, this event promises to be a memorable journey through one of India’s most picturesque states. Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, prepare for an experience that will captivate both your mind and your senses.

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