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Bekal is tucked away in north Kerala It is hidden on the north-facing tip of the peninsula. It has been a landmark due to the fort’s history. Some of the more famous forts overshadow the tranquil backwater experience provided in this. The serene waters of off-the-beaten path and the stunning sights from the Arabian Sea have lured it to be among the best places to take houseboat cruises. And the gentleness of the backwaters mingling with the beauty of the coastline offers a relaxing but aware experience for the numerous people who flock to this area of our country.

The Enchanting Bekal Houseboats

From Bekal’s houseboats most luxurious trip can be taken on the pristine backwaters. It offers views of the ocean towards the majestic Bekal Fort and out over the unspoiled landscape of the northern regions of Kerala. The cruises were less about lavishness, and more about harmony with nature, providing an unwinding retreat to the serene waters. The soothing background sounds of the waves and the breeze of the ocean and the stunning beauty of the coastline to the most memorable cruise.

Experiencing Bekal Through Its Waterways

The trip on the houseboat takes you along the rich heritage of Kerala. Kerala coast, offering the opportunity to enjoy a private, relaxed experience. The cruises offered to guests include trips aboard a boat that offer another perspective of the Bekal Fort, which is probably one of the biggest and most preserved in Kerala. Visitors can take in the view of fishing villages as well as an archaic stretch labyrinths dotted with palms and sometimes the sea dolphins. The blend of these historic and natural sites creates an incredible experience that is an enjoyable trip.

Activities and Attractions

Apart from the amazing experience of living on a houseboat, Bekal will have a tourist who will enjoy exploring the 17th-century fort, strolling along the ramparts, with its pristine beaches, and becoming acquainted with the culture of the area. The trek to the hills and visiting temples from the past and meals out are the things that are included to provide a further enjoyment to the experience of a houseboat. The remoteness of the region from the map of tourist attractions ensures that each experience is unique and unspoiled.

Planning Your Trip

The most suitable time for taking a cruise on a houseboat along Bekal’s Bekal coast is between October and March, because it’s the most pleasant time of year with an unflinching sea. The closest airport is Mangalore International Airport, located just 50 kilometers from Bekal. While houseboats do not be plentiful in Bekal in the same way as they are in other areas of Kerala The best experiences are available to those who book in advance or making reservations upon the arrival.

Why Bekal Over Others?

Bekal is a truly unique experience of staying on a houseboat and is awe-inspiring with its coastline and the tranquility of its backwaters. It is considered to be a safe haven to the delight of travelers who want peace and tranquility. It also offers being a tranquil escape from the tumult and bustle of the crowds in other backwater locations. For those who want to blend historic exploration and nature, Bekal offers an extraordinary chance to experience the beauty of the Kerala backwaters and the coast amidst less commercialization.


The Peacefull journey of Bekal’s houseboats brings travelers to the coast backwaters, where the whispers of history and the peacefulness of the sea combine to create an unforgettable experience. It is a place that lets for time to flow through the day, a place for nature to cruise along and explore the heritage of the coastline of Kerala in the comfort of a floating home. If you’re looking for a tranquil escape with a hint of intrigue from the past Bekal’s backwaters welcome you with welcoming arms.

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